Apparently, I’m lousy at this.

It is healthy to admit one’s failings.  These days, my biggest failing is getting my new books out on time.  There always seems to be some sort of production delay, meaning my newest book will be available –oh– say a week after whatever event I’m a part of.  I’ve had this happen with each of my last three books.  And it is happening again.

First, the good news.  I will be appearing at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival along with about fifty other authors, all ready to sign copies of our books.  I will be bringing the first two books in the Temporary Magic series, TEMPORARY MONSTERS and TEMPORARY HAUNTINGS.  Neither one of these books were available at last year’s Halloween signing, so they should be new to most everybody there.

I will not be bringing the third book, TEMPORARY HUMAN, because it is (sob) not quite ready.  But I can show you the wonderful cover Cortney Skinner 21056100_10150878937509995_61386956196135995_opainted for the book. I mean, is this a great cover or what?  Now you can be as frustrated as I am that you can’t buy the third book tomorrow.  But you should come and stop by my table anyway, since the first two thirds of the trilogy will be sitting there waiting for you.

See you in Haverhill!



My CHANGELING WAR trilogy is coming out as e-books!  These books were originally written by “Peter Garrison” for marketing reasons, but now actually appear under my own name for the first time.

Also newly available in e-form, the end of the Temporary Magic trilogy, TEMPORARY HUMAN.  Whoo-hoo!The Sorcerers Gun cover3


Let the signings begin!

I’ll be signing the Temporary Magic books at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester, MA, this Saturday from 1 pm to 3 pm.  Yay!

I worked in Worcester many years ago, doing public relations for what is now the New England Medical Center.  It will be interesting to see what I remember of the city.

I’ll be doing other signings around and about the Boston area over the next few months. I’ll announce the events here  as they get closer.

Here’s that great Cortney Skinner cover one more time:


Cheap books! Really!

So the fine folks at Crossroad Press are running a 50% off e-book promotion if you buy those books through.Smashwords!  Whoo hoo!  That means you can buy  all of the fabulous Craig Shaw Gardner backlist, most titles for $1.99!  Chicken feed!  But the sale only lasts through March 11, so time’s awastin’!  (Why do I feel like I’m being visited by the ghost of Gabby Hayes?)  One of the many fabulous books is shown below:


Here’s the link!Dragon Sleeping

I’ll be at Boskone!

Yep, indeed!  For all three days.

Friday I’m just doing one panel at 5 pm, “It’s All About Soul: The Films of Alex Garland.”  He’s the guy who directed Ex Machina.  According to the panel description “The common thread amongst all the stories is the looming specter of Death.”  Sounds like fun, huh?  And I’m moderating!

Saturday, I get to talk about how to “Indie Pub Your Backlist” at 10 am.  That’s followed by an autographing at noon (I’ll be bringing my new book along) and a reading of a very silly short story at 4 pm.

Sunday, I’m talking about “Abacadabra! Making Magic Real.” at noon and “:Why I Write Horror” at 3 pm.  All these panels feature many worthy individuals whose names I’m too lazy to retype.  But trust me, they’ll all be great.

Boskone happens next weekend, btw.

But didn’t somebody mention Indie Publishing? That’s enough of an excuse to show you Walter Velez’s initial sketch for A BAD DAY FOR ALI BABA, coming to e-book very, very soon.alibaba72

And another thing

Well, as the world slowly crumbles around us (I’m having a tough time watching TV news), I am slowly but surely releasing all my old books in e-format.

I always thought a good part of my initial success with my humorous fantasy novels were the wonderful covers provided by Walter Velez. I arranged to reuse his art on the Ebenezum and Cineverse books, with good results. My publisher at the time decided to go with a different artist on my next trilogy, but, now that I’m putting these books out myself, I decided I would hire Walter to do a brand new set of covers. And he’s done a wonderful job.

And what are these books? Well, showing you any one of Walter’s covers will give it away. And they will come with my personal guarantee that the books themselves will be much funnier than whatever’s happening in the real world.theothersinbad72

I found my way back!

So, I just got a new desktop computer, twice as fast and half the size of my last one.  Which meant I had to once again bookmark all my favorite sites, not to mention trying to remember all those different passwords! Whew. So this is just a test post to make sure everything is working. Real, actual posts may follow.  But, while I’m here, I might as well show off that brand now, spiffy cover one more time.perf6.140x9.210.indd