I found my way back!

So, I just got a new desktop computer, twice as fast and half the size of my last one.  Which meant I had to once again bookmark all my favorite sites, not to mention trying to remember all those different passwords! Whew. So this is just a test post to make sure everything is working. Real, actual posts may follow.  But, while I’m here, I might as well show off that brand now, spiffy cover one more time.perf6.140x9.210.indd

Arisia approaches

And I will be there on Saturday!  The mysteries of Arisia are many, and while I volunteered to appear on a great number of  panels, they only saw fit to give me one.It’s about current comic book marketing, and what’s up with Marvel and DC these days. I believe it starts at 4:20.

I may have nixed my appearance on other panels when I gently chided the programmers on the Extreme Political Correctness of many of their offerings (especially in topics relating to film and TV).  Considering the possibility of having an opposing view, I was obviously not Proper Panel Material.  They didn’t put me on anything to do with writing, or fantasy, or funny stuff.  I do have a comic book connection, having managed a comic book store (where I still work on occasion) as well as writing three books having something to do with Batman.

But hey, I get to wander the art show and the dealer’s room, and to reacquaint myself with a few folks I see mostly at cons. I’m looking forward to having a good time. And I’ll have a copy or two of my new book, TEMPORARY MONSTERS, for all to see.

So I hope to see some of you this Saturday, or a month from now at Boskone (Where I will be on a whole bunch of panels!)perf6.140x9.210.indd)

A new book debuts tomorrow

Well, it’s not ENTIRELY new.  A version of this existed as an e-book from a major American publisher for a while.  But this is the first time the book exists as a real, paper and ink and glossy cover actual honest-to-goodness you-can-hold-it-in-your-hands book!

I will ,actually be selling copies of this book tomorrow, Saturday December 10, at the Haverhill Christmas Bookfear. held at the Haverhill Library from 10 am to 4 pm. Be the first in your neighborhood to pick up a copy of TEMPORARY MONSTERS, first in the new series about the temporary employment agency that secretly controls the world.

I’ll post more about this book (and the series) later, but for now I’ll add the “proof” cover (the final cover is a bit different) so you can see the absolutely fantastic cover painting by Cortney Skinner.


So, among many other things in my busy schedule, I will be making an appearance next Saturday at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival image1-1 along with about a zillion other writers.  I’m moderating a panel in the afternoon and will be available to sign books or whatever.  My new book, TEMPORARY MONSTERS, won’t be quite ready by then, so I made up some keen postcards.  Come on by and see the cool Cortney Skinner painting and get me to sign other stuff that is actually available!

And now, for something completely different, I thought I’d post Cortney’s original concept sketch for the painting.  The actual finished painting can be seen on both my Facebook page, and Cortney’s page as well!



The vast Gardner publishing empire

You didn’t know I have an empire?  Well, maybe I don’t.  But I at least have a small but growing publishing neighborhood.  Twelve of my books have come out as e-books from Crossroad Press, where you’ll find the Ebenezum trilogy, the Wanderings of Wuntvor, the Cineverse Cycle, and the Dragon Circle.  An anthology of my horror fiction, A Cold Wind in July, is available from Necon  Press.  And soon, I’m dropping six more books (both in electronic form and some as actual paperbacks) on an unsuspecting world!

Sometime in the next few months, Crossroad will publish the last of my early funny fantasy trilogies, The Further Arabian Nights, with all new cover art by Walter Velez!  Walter’s the wonderful artist who did all the original covers for my first nine novels. For those of you following along at home,  the actual titles of these newly published books are THE OTHER SINBAD, A BAD DAY FOR ALI BABA and SCHEREZADE’S NIGHT OUT.

But wait, kids!  There’s more!

A couple years ago, Penguin/Putnam started to publish a new bunch of funny books by me, the Temporary Magic series, about the temporary employment agency that secretly controls the world. Two of these books were published as e-book originals, but, for whatever reason (I have my theories) they didn’t sell well. So I bought back the rights, and I’m bringing them out again with all new covers by Cortney Skinner! Cortney’s painting the first of these covers even as I type, so we’re not quite ready to show them publicly.  But soon!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show folks a picture Cortney took as a photo reference for a fantasy project he was painting a couple of decades ago. So here’s a younger (and skinnier) Craig Shaw Gardner, pretending to be a wizard.  Whoohoo!12966029_10150619528099995_1669487553_n

Kirk Polland fades from view

Have you heard?  Readercon is happening this weekend, somewhere down in Quincy.  I know a handful of people who are going  (one of whom wrote the book in the accompanying photo.  It is a good book.  You should buy it.)

I also know an even larger handful who used to go but don’t anymore. I now appear to be one of that second group.

The Readercon con  committee had a big break-up a few years back. and part of the fallout from that animosity was the end of the Kirk Polland Memorial Bad Prose Panel. Not that this is anywhere near the tragedy of a lot of stuff going on in the world today, but old Kirk was fun to do, and thoroughly entertained a large group of con-goers. It was a highlight of my summer. I always feel a bit sad when the Saturday of Readercon goes Kirkless once again.

Eric Van, one of the founders of Readercon and the creator of Kirk, lives in hope that he can bring the event back to the convention, but I become ever more doubtful. The con has scheduled a non-Kirk special event for Saturday night, which at least sounds a bit more interesting than what they tried the past couple of years.

Kirk can certainly live on elsewhere.  Boston’s mid-winter convention Arisia would be happy to be Kirk’s new home, and other people associated with cons up and down the East Coast have wistfully suggested that they would love to see a special edition.  But I’ll still miss the laughter, the outright silliness, and the threats of defenestration that made Readercon so special to me.

What? You mean I can actually blog on this here Machine?


After injuring my back in a fall down my icy front steps, I have completely fallen off the blog wagon. Well, no more! I will actually be getting out of the house to attend the Maynard Book Fair at the Maynard Public Library this Saturday (all of two days from now) I’ll be joining Christopher Golden and James A. Moore in talking about horror, fantasy, writing, cool movies and how all three of us survived being officers in HWA. 12 noon. Be there or be square.

(I was going to insert an appropriate book cover and amusing caption here, but wordpress isn’t letting me load any images. Double drat!)

Still, you can find more information here: Maynard Public Library