I’ll be at Boskone!

Yep, indeed!  For all three days.

Friday I’m just doing one panel at 5 pm, “It’s All About Soul: The Films of Alex Garland.”  He’s the guy who directed Ex Machina.  According to the panel description “The common thread amongst all the stories is the looming specter of Death.”  Sounds like fun, huh?  And I’m moderating!

Saturday, I get to talk about how to “Indie Pub Your Backlist” at 10 am.  That’s followed by an autographing at noon (I’ll be bringing my new book along) and a reading of a very silly short story at 4 pm.

Sunday, I’m talking about “Abacadabra! Making Magic Real.” at noon and “:Why I Write Horror” at 3 pm.  All these panels feature many worthy individuals whose names I’m too lazy to retype.  But trust me, they’ll all be great.

Boskone happens next weekend, btw.

But didn’t somebody mention Indie Publishing? That’s enough of an excuse to show you Walter Velez’s initial sketch for A BAD DAY FOR ALI BABA, coming to e-book very, very soon.alibaba72

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