And another thing

Well, as the world slowly crumbles around us (I’m having a tough time watching TV news), I am slowly but surely releasing all my old books in e-format.

I always thought a good part of my initial success with my humorous fantasy novels were the wonderful covers provided by Walter Velez. I arranged to reuse his art on the Ebenezum and Cineverse books, with good results. My publisher at the time decided to go with a different artist on my next trilogy, but, now that I’m putting these books out myself, I decided I would hire Walter to do a brand new set of covers. And he’s done a wonderful job.

And what are these books? Well, showing you any one of Walter’s covers will give it away. And they will come with my personal guarantee that the books themselves will be much funnier than whatever’s happening in the real world.theothersinbad72

One thought on “And another thing

  1. I found your books because of the Walter Velez art work. I had been reading Robert Aspirin’s Myth adventures and saw a book cover that looked similar. I picked up An Excess of Enchantments in the book store, skimmed through it, and found myself laughing out loud several times, so I bought it. By the end of the week I had every book you had written up to that point. Absolutely fantastic.
    I have found that every book I have picked up with Velez art has been great, so I always scan the cover art on the shelves first. Velez covers always get picked first.

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