The vast Gardner publishing empire

You didn’t know I have an empire?  Well, maybe I don’t.  But I at least have a small but growing publishing neighborhood.  Twelve of my books have come out as e-books from Crossroad Press, where you’ll find the Ebenezum trilogy, the Wanderings of Wuntvor, the Cineverse Cycle, and the Dragon Circle.  An anthology of my horror fiction, A Cold Wind in July, is available from Necon  Press.  And soon, I’m dropping six more books (both in electronic form and some as actual paperbacks) on an unsuspecting world!

Sometime in the next few months, Crossroad will publish the last of my early funny fantasy trilogies, The Further Arabian Nights, with all new cover art by Walter Velez!  Walter’s the wonderful artist who did all the original covers for my first nine novels. For those of you following along at home,  the actual titles of these newly published books are THE OTHER SINBAD, A BAD DAY FOR ALI BABA and SCHEREZADE’S NIGHT OUT.

But wait, kids!  There’s more!

A couple years ago, Penguin/Putnam started to publish a new bunch of funny books by me, the Temporary Magic series, about the temporary employment agency that secretly controls the world. Two of these books were published as e-book originals, but, for whatever reason (I have my theories) they didn’t sell well. So I bought back the rights, and I’m bringing them out again with all new covers by Cortney Skinner! Cortney’s painting the first of these covers even as I type, so we’re not quite ready to show them publicly.  But soon!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show folks a picture Cortney took as a photo reference for a fantasy project he was painting a couple of decades ago. So here’s a younger (and skinnier) Craig Shaw Gardner, pretending to be a wizard.  Whoohoo!12966029_10150619528099995_1669487553_n