Kirk Polland fades from view

Have you heard?  Readercon is happening this weekend, somewhere down in Quincy.  I know a handful of people who are going  (one of whom wrote the book in the accompanying photo.  It is a good book.  You should buy it.)

I also know an even larger handful who used to go but don’t anymore. I now appear to be one of that second group.

The Readercon con  committee had a big break-up a few years back. and part of the fallout from that animosity was the end of the Kirk Polland Memorial Bad Prose Panel. Not that this is anywhere near the tragedy of a lot of stuff going on in the world today, but old Kirk was fun to do, and thoroughly entertained a large group of con-goers. It was a highlight of my summer. I always feel a bit sad when the Saturday of Readercon goes Kirkless once again.

Eric Van, one of the founders of Readercon and the creator of Kirk, lives in hope that he can bring the event back to the convention, but I become ever more doubtful. The con has scheduled a non-Kirk special event for Saturday night, which at least sounds a bit more interesting than what they tried the past couple of years.

Kirk can certainly live on elsewhere.  Boston’s mid-winter convention Arisia would be happy to be Kirk’s new home, and other people associated with cons up and down the East Coast have wistfully suggested that they would love to see a special edition.  But I’ll still miss the laughter, the outright silliness, and the threats of defenestration that made Readercon so special to me.