Apparently, I won’t be coming to Boskone after all.

This past Tuesday, the Boston area once again featured its usual variety of weather. Snow, sleet, freezing rain and just plain rain, all in a few hours time. I went outside Tuesday morning to help carry some stuff to the car, and put my foot down on one of our cement steps, which appeared to be covered with slush. Ice was hiding under the slush, and I went flying down the stairs, landing on my posterior. It hurt a lot, and kept on hurting.

When I got to a doctor, I found out I had sprained my lower back (along with a couple of other things). The doc said I was actually lucky that the fall didn’t do more damage. And then he said “This is going to hurt for a while.” Yikes. (Normally, when there’s pain involved in some procedure, medical professionals usually say “You may experience some discomfort.”) So I knew this was going to bother me quite a bit.

I’ve been told I can go back to doing things normally in a week or so, but at this particular moment I’m having difficulty doing advanced tasks like walking and getting out of chairs. Therefore, I’m pretty sure I won’t be attending Boskone this year. Which is a shame. The program (and my panels) looked like fun, I had something new to read, I know ma ton of people who are going to be there, etc.etc. And I ALWAYS go to Boskone.

Sigh. Hopefully next year.

(I feel this book cover is appropriate to the topic at hand)

Yes, amazingly enough, the cover for the audio book looks exactly like the one for the e-book!

Yes, amazingly enough, the cover for the audio book looks exactly like the one for the e-book!

Disregard that date!

I have been informed by my friends on Facebook that Boskone is actually NEXT weekend (Feb. 19-21). This means that the “Last minute post” I put up here to let people know I’d be at the convention was actually posted in an actual timely manner! Which never happens, unless I make a mistake. Thank you, Facebook friends!

Boskone and Dragons

Just a quick note to mention that, like many folks hereabouts, I’ll be attending Boskone in downtown Boston this weekend. I’m on panels Saturday afternoon and evening, and on Sunday will be moderating a panel on Action (!) in fantasy as well as reading a new story that has not yet seen print. I hope to see some of you folks there.

Speaking of fantasy, my e-book re-releases go ever onward. The Dragon Circle is now available for the e-reader of your choice. I’ll write more about this trilogy in a later post, but for now, I’ll post the first cover as a Visual Aid.Dragon Sleeping