Free books! Valuable prizes! Free books!

Those of you who have been following along here know that three of my books are currently part of the New Worlds Storybundle, where you can get thirty (count them – 30!) e-books for a mere $18. This is a pretty great deal, but how much better would the storybundle be if you could get the books for FREE?

That’s right, FREE. The kind folks running this particular bundle have given me a number of codes, which will automatically download the storybundlle to the device of your choice. And I’ve decided to give these codes away!

So how, I thought? How about a contest? A number of years ago, I ran a contest over at Twitchfilm (a wonderful site) where I gave away some actual, physical books -the kind made of paper and stuff- in the Cineverse Cycle (Slaves of the Volcano God, Bride of the Slime Monster and Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies). The challenge in this first contest was to make up new movie-based titles for further books. We got some great entries (The best of them sounded like absurd chapter titles to forgotten serials) and the books were duly distributed.

So why not do the same sort of thing with the Ebenezum trilogy? The three books of mine included in the bundle are A Malady of Magicks, A Multitude of Monsters, and A Difficulty with Demons. You get the way these titles work. Every book and story in this series has a title A Blank of Blank where the first and third word start with the same letter. (Other titles in the series include An Excess of Enchantments, A Drama of Dragons and An Embarrassment of Elves.)

To win the contest, you need to come up with new titles for future books in the series. They can encompass any aspect of fantasy, but keep away from references to the modern day. “A Simmering of Stew” would be acceptable, while “A Prism of Proctologists” would not. You can post your entries (no more than three at a time, please) in the comments section of my blog or this Facebook entry, or, if you really want to make sure I see them, you can e-mail them to craigshawgardner at the web address In case of duplicate entries, the first posted will be the one chosen.

How will the winners be chosen? I’ll pick the first five titles that really make me laugh. The contest ends a week from today (Monday, December 28) or when I have found the five winning entries, whichever happens first. I’ll announce the end of the contest on my blog. If your title wins, I also reserve the right to use it for a future Ebenezum story, but if I do so, I will do my best to give the creator of that title a signed copy of the book or magazine in which that story appears.

So, to summarize: FREE BOOKS! Contest! Silly Titles! No more than three titles at a time (but you can enter as many times as you want.) You have five chances to win! And did I mention FREE BOOKS?

I have no idea whether or not this will work, but let’s give it a try. The contest starts NOW.

You can look at the New Worlds storybundle
If you want to go straight to my blog: “

Ebenezum Trilogy

5 thoughts on “Free books! Valuable prizes! Free books!

  1. Here’s my suggestions. If nothing else, I I hope this means you’re thinking of another entry in the series. I’ve been enjoying your new Temporary series.

    A Surplus of Snarks
    A Pocketful of Prophecies
    A Drove of Damsels


  2. Hi Craig
    Merry Christmas from the UK and a healthy and prosperous 2016 to yourself and all of your family.
    Thought I might as well have a go at the competition while I wished you good tidings.

    1) An Ambush of Apprentices
    2) A Night out with the Necromancer
    3) A Werewolf Woofs in the Western Kingdoms

    Thanks again Craig for all you have given and continue to give.
    With all good wishes
    Joe Haynes

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