Has it only been a week since World Fantasy?

The world spins by much too fast. I attended World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs this past weekend, did a reading of Something New which drew a decent crowd, and moderated a 10 am Sunday panel about overused fantasy tropes that was a lot of fun and attracted a pretty big audience. The convention seemed oddly “underattended”. Just about all the people I met at last years con in Washington didn’t show up. The dealer room was never busy (I think most of the dealers lost money this year.) And the worst sin — the hotel bar was much too small. But I did get to catch up with a lot of folks I haven’t talked to in a while, which was nice, and reminded me about how many people I’ve met in my 50 years (yikes!) of con attendance.

Now I’m home, back to work on Something Else New, and trying not to watch too much of the news on either TV or Facebook. Boston (where I live) actually became a better place after we weathered our own terrorist attack, and I hope something positive will come from the tragedy in Paris. When we rally together, the gunmen and bombers and all their crazy kin are the losers.

And to end all this on a lighter note, I present you with a new cover to a new e-book edition! Yep, the Ballad of Wuntvor is now available in the e-universe. I think Crossroad Press did a great job on the covers.A Difficulty with Dwarves

The blog lives! After a fashion.

Just a quick note to let people know I will be participating at the World Fantasy Convention in lovely Saratoga Springs this coming weekend. I’ll be doing a reading of something new and (we hope) funny on Friday afternoon. I will also be doing a panel on Overused Tropes in Fantasy, which should be fun, which will take place (wait for it) at 10 am on Sunday! So you are not allowed to stay up far too late on Saturday night. I just thought I’d warn you.