I make up lists of blog posts that I’m going to write, and then (most of the time) never get around to actually finishing the blog. Thus have you not seen blog posts about Sion Sono’s kaiju film, nor the weird latter days of Hammer film (especially The Evil of Frankenstein).some thought on recent Film Noir (you should watch Blue Ruin and Cold in July immediately) and on and on. But this time I have a (sort of) excuse. Somehow, I have managed to come down with sinusitus!

Things I have learned about sinusitis so far: It is an inflammation of the sinuses, and usually a complication from a cold or some other condition (none of which I remember having.) I had a CT scan, after which the doctor cheerfully informed me that I had inflammation in a couple points of my sinuses that he had never ever seen before (lucky me)! You start with spectacular headaches, which go on for days. Then, since you have gotten yourself to a doctor and are now taking antibiotics for the blasted thing, the pain subsides, at which point you sleep for as many days as you’ve had the headaches. I think I’m on day #7 by now. You will not get any work done. In fact, you will not be doing much of anything. I think I found myself capable of reading again on day #4. And not reading much, mind you. So I’ve kind of lost track of the final rewrite on my current book, and I haven’t even typed anything in the last week except for this short little blog post.

So this too will pass. Maybe I can use some of my recovery time to actually write those missing blog posts. But in the meantime. ouch!

2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Thanks Vince. I think I kind of lost a week of my life there. Whew! Time to get back on the horse. I’m planning to try to talk to Tony about the film tomorrow. I’ll tell you if I make any progress.

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