Suddenly the Blue Heat

Just back from foreign parts (more on that later) but Turner is running three very good Fritz Lang noirs (and one not so good – the ones to watch are BIG HEAT, WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS and THE BLUE GARDENIA). Not to mention the film starring Frank Sinatra as an assassin (!) SUDDENLY, and a good, grim little film it is. We’ve also got Bogart’s last film, THE HARDER THEY FALL, which I actually more like than love, and a couple of solid Burt Lancaster efforts. (CRISS CROSS is the better of the two.) The true gem of the day is the late night showing of THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, John Huston’s second best crime film (after the MALTESE FALCON of course.) The other films are not without interest (PARTY GIRL, for example, is a Nicholas Ray film with Cyd Charrise dance numbers!) but the Langs, Sinatra and JUNGLE are the ones to catch.

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