The narrow split second

Turner Classics again, and maybe my shortest post of all. The schedule this Friday is loaded with lesser Robert Mitchum vehicles, all still worthwhile, but not up with his best stuff. The one exception to this is HIS KIND OF WOMAN, a tense (if a tad overlong) film that starts with Mitchum getting on the wrong side of gangsters, and then gets immensely better the moment Vincent Price arrives on screen. This is maybe my favorite Price film from his days before becoming a horror star. It’s that good. The other two gems immediately precede the Mitchum film; SPLIT SECOND, in which some crooks on the lam discover they’ve wandered into a nuclear testing site, and THE NARROW MARGIN, maybe Charles McGraw and Louise Windsor’s finest moment, a masterfully edited bullet of a film without a wasted moment.

Other films of interest include THE SPLIT, with Mickey Rooney (!) on the wrong side of the law, and ELEVATOR TO THE MORGUE, directed by Louis Malle, a solid French crime film at the end of the evening.

I don’t think I’m DVRing anything this week. Is the world coming to an end? (Next week, of course, I’ll probably want to record everything.)

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