More Turner Mysteries, or What Else is New?

Turner Classics Friday Noir schedule serves up another bunch of classics and almost classics again this Friday. They start the schedule with THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, and end it with THE THIRD MAN. You need to watch these if you haven’t. Trust me.

In the middle of the day Turner is showing the most film noiriest of film noirs, OUT OF THE PAST, with Robert Mitchum. This one has it all; dark streets, looming shadows, raincoats and plenty of lies. If you were only going to watch one film in this entire series, guys, this is the one.

In the prime time slot, Turner is showing one of my favorite films ever, THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS, starring Zachary Scott. (You may remember Scott from MILDRED PIERCE. He plays a weasel. He always plays a weasel.) Along for the ride are the great team of Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. The first time I watched this film, it took me to the halfway point to actually figure out who the protagonist was. And when i did realize (no spoilers here) I thought it was great. This is a mystery fan’s mystery, also well worth your time.

At the very end of the evening, when Turner always shows a more modern neo-noir, they’ve programmed one of the great visceral action films of all time, POINT BLANK, with Lee Marvin kicking serious butt.

The only movie in this Friday’s schedule that I haven’t seen is POSSESSED, a Joan Crawford vehicle where she goes mad, I tell you, mad! I’m probably going to skip DVRing this one, since I have a low tolerance for later Joan Crawford, but you mileage may vary.

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