Turner Cracks Up when it’s Cornered!

The third week of comments on TCM’s Summer of Darkness, where I actually realize how many zillions of movies I’ve managed to see.

A lot of the best stuff this time around is being shown during the day.  Besides well known classics like THE BIG SLEEP and GILDA, they’re showing one of the noirest of the noirs, THE KILLERS.  This is Burt Lancaster’s first film, playing “the Swede,” and is about as down and dirty as these films get.  Earlier in the day, they’re showing a couple of good two-fisted hero noirs, CORNERED (with Dick Powell as tough as he ever got) and CRACK-UP (with Pat O’Brien as a -wait for it- two fisted art critic!  I am not making this up.)

In prime time, Turner is showing two films with Ricardo Montalban in the lead.  The first one, MYSTERY STREET, used to be shown at the Brattle under its alternate title, MURDER AT HARVARD.  That’s right!  It’s a nifty little mystery that takes place in 1950s Cambridge, MA!  The second (and far better) film is BORDER INCIDENT, with Montalban as a border agent trying to get to the bottom of things before any more people get killed.  They still get killed anyway.

At the end of the night, Turner always finishes with a neo-noir from the seventies.  Tonight’s GET CARTER is a tough Michael Caine actioner that is worth your time.

The only (!) film on the schedule I haven’t seen is a Spencer Tracy vehicle called THE PEOPLE AGAINST O’HARA.  Even tho the plot sounds like no great shakes,the cinematographer on the project is John Alton, who never met an alley he didn’t like (and could probably make Disneyland look creepy.)  So on the DVR it goes!

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