Down Those Dark Turner Streets

Just a quick note here for those who read my blog but perhaps don’t follow the schedule on Turner Classic Movies quite as obsessively as I do.  TCM generally does a big summer theme every year, and this time it’s one of my favorites — film noir.  Every Friday, starting June 5th, they’ll be showing 24 hours of dark, dark mysteries.  They begin the schedule with M, Fritz Lang’s stylistic forerunner to the 1940s noir, followed by Jean Renoir’s LA BETE HUMAINE, a shall we say thematic inspiration for the noirs that would follow.

Then they plunge into pure 1940s Hollywood.  The really famous stuff is here (THE MALTESE FALCON plays in the middle of Friday’s schedule.)  But I’m planning to highlight some lesser known flicks in these posts (which I’m planning to write every week.)  This week’s cool obscurity is THE STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR, considered by many to be the first American film noir.  It stars Peter Lorre as a (wait for it) very sinister character, and is well worth your time.

I’ve already seen about 90% of the films on the Turner schedule (There is a reason I write a movie-based fantasy series.)  But Friday night they are showing NORA PRENTISS, one I’ve actually missed.. It stars a tough-as-nails Ann Sheridan, with a plot filled with (wait for it) deceit and double-crosses.  I’m going to catch the movie for sure this time around, and look forward to walking down those black-and-white streets filled with shadows every Friday this summer.

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