The Slime Monster Returns

So, as I’ve said here before, Crossroad Press is slowly but surely releasing my back catalogue. I’ve always loved the Walter Velez art on the Ace originals, and was lucky enough to be able to license it for the e-books.

The Cineverse came about when I had finished my first three Ebenezum books, which make fun of all matter of traditional fantasy, from sword and sorcery through the epic quest stuff. I had loved THE LORD OF THE RINGS and CONAN and many other books in between. And my brain considered all these books I’d read, with certain standard characters and situations, and thought, what if we twisted some of that stuff just a little bit, and see just what comes out? Thus was born the vaudeville team of Damsel and Dragon, and the mighty warrior Hendrek and his doomed club Headbasher, which no man could own but could only rent, etc.

But here I was (I thought), done with Ebenezum. What could I do for a second act? What subject did I know as well as fantasy, what other leisure activity had I managed to enjoy/waste as much time with as I had with Sf and fantasy paperbacks?

The answer was obvious: Movies.

I grew up in the fifties and sixties, a time when TV stations filled their non-prime hours with movies of every possible type. I also lived in a region (Upstate New York) where there were a number of months that you really didn’t engage in outdoor activities. (It started snowing at Halloween and stopped sometime around Easter.) So I watched even more movies. Frankenstein. Godzilla. Robin Hood. The Sons of Hercules. I knew and loved them all — probably just as much as fantasy.

So the idea of a universe in which B-movies were real, and could be reached with the aid of a Captain Crusader Decoder Ring (found in specially marked boxes of Nut Cruchies) was born. And as for the titles, well, I figured, the more outlandish the better. Films like THE VIKING WOMEN VS. THE SEA SERPENT and THE GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW promised wonders beyond what their meager budgets could ever provide. But hey! I was writing books! My budget (at least on the page) was unlimited!

And so SLAVES OF THE VOLCANO GOD and BRIDE OF THE SLIME MONSTER came to pass. I’ve attached the cover for the second book to this blog post, now in its new e-incarnation, something like the print version, but still distinctively different.

Next on the new cover parade will be the revised cover to Cineverse #3, and a discussion of Fluffy Bunnies.Bride of the Slime Monster

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