Experiment Number One

I’m trying to finish a book, which I’m almost-almost done with.  And, as is my habit in the last few weeks finishing a novel, I let everything else fall by the wayside.  Today, however, instead of taking a few minutes off (cough,cough) to look at Facebook, I’m actually trying to reestablish my blog’s Facebook link.  Will it work?  We wait in breathless anticipation.

6 thoughts on “Experiment Number One

  1. Hello Craig. Greetings from the UK. Hope your doing well. Just wanted to ask about the release date for Temporary Human. Amazon is currently stating 2025 so was hoping this might be a misnomer. Thanks for the wonderful books I’ve been a fan since childhood and am so glad to have new publications to look forward to along with all the re-reads.
    With all good wishes

    • Hi Joe!

      I got rather behind on finishing TEMPORARY HUMAN due to a variety of factors, but I would expect it to be published sometime in the next few months. I’ll put something in my blog when I have an exact date. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hello Craig!

    I just picked up Malady on Amazon. It’s every bit as good as the first time I read it, 25 years ago. The chaotic, rapid fire, frenetic energy of this series is amazing. I will soon be buying the rest of the series, as I’ve long since loaned out or lost the rest of them.

    Keep writing!

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