Even more e-books!

Witness the awesome power of the Cineverse!

Witness the awesome power of the Cineverse!

After my initial success with the e-versions of the Ebenezum trilogy (A MALADY OF MAGICKS, etc.), Crossroad Press has now released the Cineverse Cycle, my third published trilogy. (Yes, they are ALL trilogies. Say hello to publishing when you write fantasies.) So SLAVES OF THE VOLCANO GOD, BRIDE OF THE SLIME MONSTER and REVENGE OF THE FLUFFY BUNNIES are now available for an e-reader near you.

The books once again feature the wonderful Walter Velez covers that were used on the original Ace editions. Here’s the new cover for the first book:

My cousin the artist

So, I have this cousin, Jim Shaw,.  When we were kids, we both liked comics and Famous Monsters of Filmland.  We even made a short stop-motion super-8 film once, using Jim’s models,.  Then we grew up.  I became a fantasy and horror author, while Jim took off as an artist.  But just as my writing often reflects the popular culture of my childhood, Jim incorporates a lot of popular culture into his art.  Not that you could ever see much of his stuff unless you hit the New York Galleries.  Until now.  Starting today, MassMoCa is opening the most extensive exhibit of Jim’s work ever, out at their gallery in North Adams, MA.  I’m going out this afternoon to attend the official opening.  I’ll report back here on just what I see. Jim Shaw at Mass MoCa

Experiment Number One

I’m trying to finish a book, which I’m almost-almost done with.  And, as is my habit in the last few weeks finishing a novel, I let everything else fall by the wayside.  Today, however, instead of taking a few minutes off (cough,cough) to look at Facebook, I’m actually trying to reestablish my blog’s Facebook link.  Will it work?  We wait in breathless anticipation.