Sort of closed for repairs

So I haven’r been posting here much of late since the blog no longer reposts on Facebook, which I can fix, fairly easily, if I just decided to spend the time.

But who has time?  I’ll be at Boskone this weekend, doing stuff on Saturday afternoon, and maybe Sunday, too, if the blizzard doesn’t materialize.   Come see me!  Are you afraid of a little snow?  (Actually, this year the answer would definitely be “yes”.)  I’m even going to read a never-published story on Saturday afternoon (at 2:30).

Besides that, I’ve just released three more of my back titles into the world of e-books.  The Cineverse Cycle is now available for your electronic pleasure. And I’m finishing up my newest Imaginary Magic book.

I’ll post about all these soon, the moment I fix the mumblemumble Facebook link.  Really!