Why I am not the master of all media

So, I finally put a bio on my Amazon author page, after years of meaning to do so.  So now when you go to Amazon you can find out all about me (or as much of me that can be included in 150 words).

So, having finished the bio, I attempted to add a photo.  Well, the photo did appear, but it came out sideways.  There is a button to “manipulate” photo on author central, but it simply moves the picture around the page rather then allowing you to turn it around 90 degrees.  So, until I figure out how to fix this problem, I have decided that it is an Interesting Design Device.  So there.

The month of Craig going to events continues.  I had a great time speaking to the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and had fun at Geek Central back in Cambridge.  This weekend, I’m participating in the “LaBelle Winery Evening Story Slam in the Vineyard” in fabulous Amherst New Hampshire, along with about a zillion other authors.  It’s an event to support the Odyssey Writing Workshop, and it runs from 4 to 6:30 pm on Sunday, November 2nd.  Cost is $25/$15 for students.

I am reading a stand-alone scene from one of my novels.  It should be funny.

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