Me and the Movies, continued

In my last thrilling blog post, I talked about how much I missed seeing foreign action films on the big screen.  But wait!  There’s more.

Just as certain theaters (now in downtown Boston) regularly screen Bollywood films,a suburban theater is now programming new South Korean films.  That’s the good news, The bad news is that this theater is in Revere, which is a pain to get to, especially if you don’t have a car. Even with a car, you need to travel over very congested highways to get there (These are the kind of roads that ALWAYS come to a full stop at rush hour.)  You really need a good reason to go to Revere.  The question:  Would it be worth going there for a new Korean film?

Well, here we had a holiday weekend, so my wife and I got in the car and drove up Route 1 (which was in the same lousy shape  as the last time I drove on it a decade ago.)  The theater is this huge “Showcase DeLuxe” place with 20 screens, expensive tickets, expensive snack bar, yadda, yadda.  The theater it played in was probably one of their mid-size halls with a few hundred seats and a big, big screen.  We  watched the movie with maybe eight other people in attendance.

The movie was KUNDO: AGE OF THE RAMPANT, an absolutely terrible title that I want to forget as soon as I’ve finished typing it.  The presentation was crisp, and large.  It was great to see all the detail we probably would have missed on our home screen.  The movie itself, while not great art, was a lot of fun. It’s a period piece with a Robin-Hood-outlaw-band fighting corrupt officials.  The music score includes some cues from old Spaghetti westerns, and i got the feeling that the director was going for the same larger than life vibe you can get from the best of those Italian films.

When I got done watching the movie, I had the same old question.  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch this with an audience?  The theater was so empty that it felt like we were watching KUNDO on the largest home screen ever..  I am glad that a movie chain is willing to take a chance with something different, and maybe they can get a decent crowd on a weekend night.  But I do wish they could move this program to another one of their giant theaters that was more centrally located, maybe even some place close to actual public transportation.

Let’s face it.  I’m never satisfied.