Things I should know about, part 1

So, last week I wandered past my Amazon listing for A MALADY OF MAGICKS, seeing if I had gotten any new reviews for my e-book. I had — just one, bringing the review total up to 30 — but it was a very nice, positive review.

So, there I am, looking at the screen, when I notice that the Audible Edition of my book is only $1.99! I’m being offered this special deal, it seems, because I had already bought a copy of the e-book. and, yes, I put all of these e-things on my Kindle so I can have them near me. But $1.99 for an audio book? A bargain. And Crossroad Press did a great job — I’ve listened to a good part of the audio performance, and the narrator, Fred Goya, really sells the jokes.

And $1.99? What the heck! If you’ve already picked up my e-book (and lots of people have), now you can listen to it at the same time, for hardly any money at all!

I am hereby required to once again display the wonderful Walter Velez artwork. ¬†We’ll be seeing more of his artwork (and more e-books) shortly.

cover (large)