Temporary HauntingsI’ve been a little scarce around these parts for the past couple of weeks, mostly because I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the second book in the Temporary Magic series, TEMPORARY HAUNTINGS. But the book is done, and my editor likes it, so it will soon be appearing on an e-reader near you! Exactly when it will be appearing — well, I’ll let you know when the real publication date is as soon as I know myself. (I think the first book in the series, TEMPORARY MONSTERS, was announced with three completely different pub dates, one of which was actually accurate.)

This new book continues the adventures of temporary employee Lenny Hodge, and features such dangers as vampire brides, ex-girlfriends, ghosts, pookas, a tribe of Bigfoot (or is that Bigfeet?), and sinister aliens from outer space!

And, even better, the book already has a cover!