Not appearing at anyplace near you anytime soon.

So I had an “interesting” year in 2013.  As in the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.”  Nothing life-threatening (to me, at least), but a handful of events that were certainly life changing.

The main result of all this stuff is that I fell a wee-tad behind in my deadlines.  TEMPORARY MONSTERS ended up being delayed by a couple of months.  The second book in the TEMPORARY MAGIC series, TEMPORARY HAUNTINGS, is due at my publisher in less than a month (yikes!)  So I’m writing, and then I’m writing some more, and when that’s done, why, I think I’ll write even some more!.

The other result of this stuff is that I’m going to be missing on the winter convention circuit.  I tried to figure out a way to get to Arisia (a mid-January convention in Boston), but finally decided my deadline couldn’t let me take a day off.  (The folks at Arisia were very nice about the whole thing, tho.) I then realized that I had never heard from Boskone (which happens in in Boston in Februaray, a couple weeks AFTER my deadline) so I e-mailed them a few days back.  I had somehow fallen off the Boskone mailing list a couple years ago, and they’ve never put me back on, but the last two years we managed to work out something despite the fact that I contacted them both times about 8 weeks before the convention.

This year, no such luck.  I got an e-mail from a fellow named Tim who informed me, essentially, that while they were very appreciative of everything I’ve done for Boskone in the past, there was no way I was going to be doing anything at all this year.  Well, if I wanted to buy a membership, they might be able to give me a slot for a reading.  Maybe.  And that was it.  The tone of the e-mail was very formal and (considering that I’ve done programming at Boskone every year since 1978, including a bunch of “strange and special events” requested by the con committee over the years) maybe just a little bit insulting.  Maybe I’m just used to the old guard at Boskone, who treated folks like me as “family.”  This Tim fellow might be part of a whole new era for the convention.

I’ve been ambivalent about the winter conventions in Boston for years now.  I like to see a lot of the people there, I’ve known some of the convention organizers for years, and I can make the occasional business connection at Boskone.  But they are both held at the same out-of-the-way hotel which is not close to much of anything.  It can be a slog to get out there in the winter weather, and the quality of the programming can vary highly.  Some years I have a really good time, others I feel like I’m wasting my weekend.

But this year, at least right now, I guess I’m not going to either event.

See you guys at Readercon.

3 thoughts on “Not appearing at anyplace near you anytime soon.

  1. I honestly think that aside from old friends you’re not missing anything. As the mother of an 18,15 and 2 year old I’d be uncomfortable with any of them attending Arisia ( although my oldest is an adult and can make her own choices) and I feel Boskone has sort of become a convention for the people who put it on to get together. I still find Readercon enjoyable and worth attending, but others may have different opinions. -amysue

    • My only disappointment is that I’d like to get the word out about my newest book, but I’m guessing that most people who know me and my work may have found said book already. Who knows what the publicity value of Boskone really is?

      • I’m glad it all worked out. We’ve decided to go as well for the week end and hopefully I’ll run into you. As for your book, already downloaded, I should tweet it at some point. I suck at social media.

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