Detective Gardner is on the Case!

One of the things I do as a writer is make up stories.  And not just stories that I type up and sometimes sell.  Nope.  If I see an interesting stranger or situation, I will make up a story on the spot to explain said person or event.  I’ve done this sort of thing as long as I can remember.  If I see a mystery, I make up a solution.

In my last exciting blog post, I mentioned that, over the past weekend, my new book TEMPORARY MONSTERS had completely disappeared from my attempts to find it on Amazon,  Two days later, I looked for it again, and found it immediately.  What could have happened?  Knowing the complex nature of Amazon, any number of things, but I think I may have a clue about the real culprit.

Here I was yesterday, following interesting links on my computer instead of doing what I was really planning (writing, of course), and i stumble on a link to Time Magazine, where it is reported that Amazon is looking into a certain sort of book, with titles like LUST OF THE VELOCIRAPTORS.  Yep, Amazon has taken a dim view of original e-books that promote human/dinosaur erotica and the like, and has been removing them from their site.  I am not making this up.

Well, my new book has nothing of the kind.  It takes a couple humorous pokes at male fantasies, but like most of my books, is really Pure As The Driven Snow,  However, the cover (reproduced below) does indeed show what appears to be a large lizard hand emerging through a door.  Could it be that my book was flagged (and maybe even temporarily removed) for that very reason?

I therefore state, for the record, that my book contains ABSOLUTELY NO HUMAN/DINOSAUR EXTRA-MARITAL INTERACTIONS OF ANY KIND!  So hands off, Amazon!  (If, indeed, your hands were even in there in the first place.)

Another case solved by the Master Detective.Image

Above, the incredibly innocent cover.  What was Amazon thinking?  Or was Amazon thinking at all?

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