Trust me, I’m not worth it.

So, like all insecure authors, I go over and look at my Amazon page now and then.  Friday I looked at my list of books, and couldn’t find my most recent book, TEMPORARY MONSTERS, anywhere.  Well, at least not on the first eight pages I scrolled through.  The very first book listed was my novelization of LOST BOYS, which, thanks in part to some kind words on LOST BOYS fan sites, is much in demand and tends to be very expensive.  Would that I had a crystal ball and knew to order an extra box of these books back in the day!  (I have no extra copies.  Don’t ask.)

Well, the fact that my new book was totally absent was not a pleasant event, let me tell you.  But Amazon has its quirks, so I called up my name again today, and there was TEMPORARY MONSTERS at the very top.  Go figure.

So I scrolled through the first few pages once again, and found the books in completely different order this time around.  I’ve published 19 original novels, and just about as many more media tie-ins of one sort or another.  I’ve also had dozens of short stories appear in various anthologies. Plus much of my stuff has come out in different countries and/or omnibus editions. This makes for many many pages of books.

This time around, though, as I perused my past publications, I ran across a biography of me from Gale Research, costing $9.95.  Holy crud.  Has anybody ever picked up one of these books?  How much can they know about me, that isn’t on the internet, that would justify shelling out ten bucks?  I have to admit, I was almost curious enough to blow the money and buy a copy for myself.  Almost, but not quite.

I actually wrote a biographical essay for Necon (the best convention ever) about 5 or six years ago.  It was maybe 20,000 words.  I might get Necon books (if they’re agreeable) to put out a cheap e-book of the piece.  I would guess it would be more fun than anything Gale Research has to offer.   (But who knows?  Maybe their books are laugh-a-minute thrill rides. I guess I’ll never know.)


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