Ebenezum travels on

In my last post, I talked about how the Ebenezum series came to be. The first book in the series, A MALADY OF MAGICKS, was actually about half my earlier short stories (slightly rewritten) and half new stuff that I used to tie everything together. But hey! I had signed up to write a trilogy. Fantasy novels in those days almost always came in trilogies. And so A MULTITUDE OF MONSTERS was born.

MULTITUDE sees our heroes proceed farther on their quest, to reach Vushta, the city of a thousand forbidden delights, and find a cure for Ebenezum. And I introduce even more silly characters than we saw in the first book, including something called a Bog Wombler.

One of the true facts of publishing is that, unless you are a Very Famous Author (which I am not), you have absolutely no control over what goes on the cover of your book. That said, I have had great covers on just about all my books (Thank you, Ace art department!) My first nine covers are done by Walter Velez, a very fine artist who specializes in painting funny stuff. He also did a lot of covers for Robert Asprin’s MYTH series, not to mention just about every funny fantasy Ace put out over the next ten years.

Now, I just happen to know Walter’s agent, Jill Bauman, a fine artist herself. So I get a call one day from Jill, telling me Walter is going to put a whole bunch of the monsters on the cover.
So they need to know, what exactly IS a Bog Wombler?

So I describe the creature, and Walter paints a magnificent Wombler. He’s the big guy on the cover, standing in the crowd.

And that is the only input I’ve had on a cover. But hey, I helped Walter Velez bring Bog Womblers into the world of fantasy.

This is where I mention that my first three books are available as e-books from Crossroad Press, which will shortly be putting out many more of my e-books. Available for all sorts of e-readers

One unicorn, one Wuntvor, and one Bog Wombler.

One unicorn, one Wuntvor, and one Bog Wombler.

. Be the first on your block to collect the whole set!

2 thoughts on “Ebenezum travels on

  1. And as a daughter of union parents, I wish to say that MULTITUDE made me roar with laughter. At my desk. On the job. One of the funniest lines ever … and so much more…

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