The Book is Finally Actually Available for Final Actual Purchase

Okay. No more false alarms.

According to Amazon, after the pub date changed on us twice, TEMPORARY MONSTERS is on sale today, for the magnificent price of $4.27!

4.27? Who makes up these prices? My publisher, probably, who, despite the new name, is simply a different branch of the same parent company, Penguin Putnam, who published most of my other books over the years.

TEMPORARY MONSTERS is the story of the temporary employment agency that may secretly control the world, and it’s newest employee, Lenny Hodge, who apparently has an incredibly awesome power –if only he could figure out what it was. As in many books these days, this novel features vampires, ghosts, beautiful psychics and a werevole. Oh, and a pooka. A very special pooka.

What more can I say? Well, probably a lot, but for now, why don’t I just attach that great cover painting one more time?

My new e-book, out at last!,

My new e-book, out at last!,

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