Never mind

So, my pal Kelly e-mailed me to tell me that, actually, my book is not available until November 19(!) — news to me. And that it is entered incorrectly as being by “CraigShaw Gardner” — note lack of space.

Go Amazon.

On a happier note, remember that I’m still doing a “Best of Kirk Polland” event at geek central in Central Square, Cambridge, tomorrow, at 4 p.m. (specifically, at the auditorium in the YMCA.) And, attendance is ABSOLUTELY FREE! So, even if you’ve only heard about the wonder that is Kirk, NOW is the time to come and see how silly this actually is!

More info at

One thought on “Never mind

  1. I may love you eternally for enlightening me to the world of dino-porn reviews (until then I had only known of bigfoot erotica on amazon) by none of the people I’ve tried to discuss it with seemed as thrilled by the discovery. For some reason my idea of reading them dramatically on You tube using puppets seems to be unpopular as well….go figure.

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