Where it all began

So, TEMPORARY MONSTERS is actually, finally, really available as an e-book.  But it s not my only e-book.  Oh, no.  The fine folks at Crossroad Press are releasing ALL my original novels (18 of them), beginning with my very first published series, the Ebenezum books.

Ebenezum is a wizard who is allergic to magic.  He is assisted by the young Wuntvor, a lad who means well, but whose dreams (shall we say) outrun his abilities.  

My very first published story, “A Malady of Magicks,” featured this pair.  The story was published in the October 1978 issue of FANTASTIC.  It was reprinted in that year’s WORLD’S BEST FANTASY from DAW, and led to a number of anthology editors (Lin Carter, Marvin Kaye, Orson Scott Card, etc.) asking me to write more stories featuring the pair.  Which I did over the next few years.  All the stories had the same sort of alliterative titles (“A Drama of Dragons,”  “A Gathering of Ghosts”).  The world of Ebenezum grew to include the song and dance team of Damsel and Dragon (“Let’s raise a flagon for Damsel and Dragon, the best song and dance team in the whole wide world” etc.); the cursed warrior Hendrek, who carried around the doomed club Headbasher, a weapon that no man could own but could only rent; and loads of other characters.  All were derived by my (a) love of fantasy, and (b) my overwhelming urge to make fun of my love of fantasy.

So, fast forward to the mid-1980s.  I had a bunch of these stories.  And I was talking (at a Disclave, I believe, tho it might have been a Balticon) to Ginjer Buchanan, who had just become an assistant editor at Ace Books.  And Ginjer said to me, “You got anything to send me?”

Thus were the Ebenezum novels born.  The first book. A MALADY OF MAGICKS, includes most (but not all) of the stories I had previously written.  Plus about an equal amount of new material to get the dang thing to novel length.

And now, this same book is available in e-book form from Crossroads Press, or from any old place e-books are sold.  And there are plans to make it into an audio book as well!ImageThis is the cover of the fine new e-book.  The art is by the wonderful Walter Velez.  And it’s available right this very minute in e-book form!  The audio book, alas, will take a little longer.

I’ll post more on Ebenezum soon.

The Book is Finally Actually Available for Final Actual Purchase

Okay. No more false alarms.

According to Amazon, after the pub date changed on us twice, TEMPORARY MONSTERS is on sale today, for the magnificent price of $4.27!

4.27? Who makes up these prices? My publisher, probably, who, despite the new name, is simply a different branch of the same parent company, Penguin Putnam, who published most of my other books over the years.

TEMPORARY MONSTERS is the story of the temporary employment agency that may secretly control the world, and it’s newest employee, Lenny Hodge, who apparently has an incredibly awesome power –if only he could figure out what it was. As in many books these days, this novel features vampires, ghosts, beautiful psychics and a werevole. Oh, and a pooka. A very special pooka.

What more can I say? Well, probably a lot, but for now, why don’t I just attach that great cover painting one more time?

My new e-book, out at last!,

My new e-book, out at last!,

Never mind

So, my pal Kelly e-mailed me to tell me that, actually, my book is not available until November 19(!) — news to me. And that it is entered incorrectly as being by “CraigShaw Gardner” — note lack of space.

Go Amazon.

On a happier note, remember that I’m still doing a “Best of Kirk Polland” event at geek central in Central Square, Cambridge, tomorrow, at 4 p.m. (specifically, at the auditorium in the YMCA.) And, attendance is ABSOLUTELY FREE! So, even if you’ve only heard about the wonder that is Kirk, NOW is the time to come and see how silly this actually is!

More info at geekcentral.org.