RASL comes to Cambridge

So the fabulous Million Year Picnic (which, as far as we can figure out is the oldest surviving comic book store in the USA) is having Jeff Smith, bestselling author of BONE and RASL, come to do a signing this Saturday from 5 to 7 pm. The Picnic is located downstairs at 99 Mount Auburn Street, about a block away from the “Coop” in Harvard Square.

BONE is a nine-volume long graphic novel, big on fantasy with funny and scary bits throughout. It’s aimed at kids, but has enough depth that it can be enjoyed by adults (this adult, at least.) I haven’t read RASL yet, but I plan to do just that after I get Jeff to sign a copy.

The Picnic may have been in Harvard Square forever, but they’ve never been all that good at publicity. Which is why I thought I’d mention the signing here. The store’s phone number is 617-492-6763, should you have any questions.

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