Kirk Polland Returns This November!

I know that many of you were disappointed that there was no Kirk Polland Memorial Bad Prose Competition at this year’s Readercon.  I was disappointed myself.  But all of us suffering from Kirk Polland Withdrawal need suffer no more, since my co-host Eric Van and myself will be bringing a special edition of Kirk to Pandemonium Books’ “Geek Week” celebration.

A quick explanation for those who do not know:  The Kirk Polland Memorial Bad Prose Competition has been held over two dozen times, mostly at local Boston cons, but we’ve also brought the show to a worldcon or two.  And, as you would guess from the title, it is indeed a contest, where the audience gets to hear actual published bad prose from big name science fiction writers.  But these readings always stop mid-sentence, and the audience then gets to hear a number of continuations of that prose,  Only one of the later readings is the actual bad prose, and the audience has to guess which prose is truly bad enough to be the real thing.

The audience generally loses (They have won once, to be fair.  And lost every other time.)  Much hilarity ensues.

If you’ve watched Kirk in the past, you know you’re in for a fun time.  And if you haven’t yet experienced Kirk, now is the time!

Tyler Stewart, Grand Master of Pandemonium, has decreed that our Kirk Best-of will take place on the first Sunday in November, probably sometime in the afternoon.  at the Central Square YMCA.  From what I understand (and you should probably go to the Pandemonium website to confirm this) admission to all Geek Week events (and there are a lot) will cost you $5.00, UNLESS you buy a book from Pandemonium OR wear a Pandemonium T-Shirt, at which point, admission is FREE!

That’s what I know so far.  More details as they become available.

Go Kirk!




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