perf6.140x9.210.inddI’ll be there Saturday and Sunday.  My Saturday schedule begins with a panel at 1 pm.The Fantasy Survival Guide about the do’s and don’ts of epic quests and dangerous beasties.  That’s followed by an autograph session at 2 and a KaffeeKlatsch at 6 (come ask me embarrassing questions!)

Sunday, I’m on a Horror and Humor panel (I write both. )  This panel gets extra points since it features not only me but one of my good pals, James A. Moore.  Come to one thing, come to everything.  I promise to be as entertaining as possible.

And speaking of humor and horror, I will now once again roll out a cover from my latest series Temporary Magic.  Vampires, ghosts, Yeti, mysterious swamis, a werevole and a pooka named Bob the horse, all mingling in all three books.  I’ll have the first two books at the con if anyone is interested.

So, I’m actually showing up at Arisia!

That’s Arisia in downtown Boston, currently running through this coming Monday.

I’ll be on two panels.  One about Image comics on Saturday at 10 am.  The second is all about writing series fiction, and takes place at 3 pm on Sunday.  If you’re coming to the convention, stop on by.

I’m also pretty sure my new books will be for sale in the dealer’s room.  So that’s twice as many reasons to come to the convention!perf6.140x9.210.indd


Through a Lenzi, darkly

I have an abiding love for Italian exploitation cinema.  From the moment when I was about 12 and turned on the TV to see Steve Reeves destroying  a temple in HERCULES, I was hooked.  I watched heaven knows how many “Sons of Hercules” movies as a teen  (Sample dialogue exchange:  “I am Machiste!”  “Say, doesn’t that mean ‘Born out of rock?'”) The late sixties found me discovering Spaghetti Westerns. The late seventies (and the wonders of Necon) saw me embracing the horror films of Argento and Fulci. The DVD revolution of the eighties and nineties got me watching giallos, murder mysteries usually involving a black-gloved killer.

All these genres overlapped in popularity, muscle man films giving way to westerns, which then faded as the mystery/horror films took hold.  The next genre to gain popularity was the “police action thriller,” the Italian answer to DIRTY HARRY and DEATH WISH. I’ve seen far fewer of these films (maybe 10 or 11) than the earlier genres, but I’m always up for something new.

This led to a night when I was home alone, browsing Amazon Prime, and discovered THE CYNIC, THE RAT, AND THE FIST.

Now this is a movie.  Not necessarily a good movie,  but a film that is wildly entertaining.  It starts Mauricio Merli, who was in a bunch of these things, and who also manages to out-cool Clint Eastwood (no easy feat.) Merli plays a former police captain turned thriller writer, but he still has a way with his guns and his fists..  And the actual police let him get away with just about anything.

The bad guys are Thomas Milian, playing one of those handsome psycho killer parts he was so good at, and John Saxon, who basically plays John Saxon, but an evil John Saxon!

The plot is incoherent, even though it had Ernesto Gastaldi, one of the best of the Italian giallo screenwriters, as co-author of the script. The movie jumps from one action set-piece to the next, with plenty of macho posturing alongside the shooting of guns and flashing of fists. And it has a really cool jazz score, which helps the film a lot. The film is directed by Umberto Lenzi, a fellow who made just about every genre imaginable (including spy thrillers.  How could I forget about spy thrillers?) and directs this movie at about 90 miles an hour. Parts of this film made no sense at all, but I wasn’t bored for an instant.

I discovered immediately after watching this film that I had another unwatched Umberto Lenzi movie in my collection, a giallo/mystery called SPASMO. A movie called SPASMO? How could I watch anything else?

This film shares the not-quite-coherent qualities of CYNIC, but in SPASMO, they fit perfectly with the plot.: Two adult brothers, one very successful, the other “troubled,” have something not-quite right in their past. And as should be a surprise to no one who watches these things, people start dying in various violent and colorful ways. Except, as people die, the film reveals that most of them were hiding their true identities! And did I mention that the movie is told from the point of view of an unreliable narrator?

Because of (or perhaps despite) all this, the movie comes together at the end and actually makes sense, after a fashion.  Which is all I could possibly ask from an Umberto Lenzi film.

I was going to add a poster from one of these fine films, but my google link is acting peculiar, so instead, here’s another look at the wonderful cover to my latest, which is almost ready for purchase.  Any day now, I swear.21056100_10150878937509995_61386956196135995_o

A little late to the party

My computer was screwed up for the better part of a week, and I had a couple of other commitments besides (the Merrimack Valley Halloween Signing being one of them) but I am back at last!  And I’m doing another special event.  I’m appearing at the Maynard Public Library  with Paul Tremblay, Christopher Golden, Hillary Monahan and K.L. Pereira.  That’s a lively group of writers, and I suspect this will be a lot of fun.  It’s all happening on Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm.  Hope to see some of you there!perf6.140x9.210.indd


Apparently, I’m lousy at this.

It is healthy to admit one’s failings.  These days, my biggest failing is getting my new books out on time.  There always seems to be some sort of production delay, meaning my newest book will be available –oh– say a week after whatever event I’m a part of.  I’ve had this happen with each of my last three books.  And it is happening again.

First, the good news.  I will be appearing at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival along with about fifty other authors, all ready to sign copies of our books.  I will be bringing the first two books in the Temporary Magic series, TEMPORARY MONSTERS and TEMPORARY HAUNTINGS.  Neither one of these books were available at last year’s Halloween signing, so they should be new to most everybody there.

I will not be bringing the third book, TEMPORARY HUMAN, because it is (sob) not quite ready.  But I can show you the wonderful cover Cortney Skinner 21056100_10150878937509995_61386956196135995_opainted for the book. I mean, is this a great cover or what?  Now you can be as frustrated as I am that you can’t buy the third book tomorrow.  But you should come and stop by my table anyway, since the first two thirds of the trilogy will be sitting there waiting for you.

See you in Haverhill!



My CHANGELING WAR trilogy is coming out as e-books!  These books were originally written by “Peter Garrison” for marketing reasons, but now actually appear under my own name for the first time.

Also newly available in e-form, the end of the Temporary Magic trilogy, TEMPORARY HUMAN.  Whoo-hoo!The Sorcerers Gun cover3


Let the signings begin!

I’ll be signing the Temporary Magic books at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester, MA, this Saturday from 1 pm to 3 pm.  Yay!

I worked in Worcester many years ago, doing public relations for what is now the New England Medical Center.  It will be interesting to see what I remember of the city.

I’ll be doing other signings around and about the Boston area over the next few months. I’ll announce the events here  as they get closer.

Here’s that great Cortney Skinner cover one more time: